Driving School Dandenong

With the help of our expert services, take charge of your driving skills with our manual driving lessons in Dandenong. Our experienced trainers take the time to teach you all the skills you will require to be a licensed driver. If you require affordable driving lessons in Dandenong then you can be assured that Freedom Drive is your best possible choice. Our driving school in Dandenong is widely touted for its comprehensive instructor and intensive curriculum.

At Freedom Drive:

  • You can learn how to drive in calm conditions as all of our drivers have a very subtle approach to teaching people about the nuances of driving.
  • Driving lessons in Dandenong! Our classes offer some of the best prices anywhere in Dandenong and the surrounding suburbs.
  • Our driving lessons in Dandenong are effective and offer intensive lessons that help the learner understand how they can improve their skills as a driver.
  • We follow all the procedures required by us as trainers and all come certified by Vicroads to ensure that you are taught effectively.
  • We make appointments for lessons on email or on call.

Students are allowed to bring a guardian or a friend to accompany the lesson, as long as the plus one remains in the backseat and just observes.

Our team takes great pride in having a high success rate with our students that is through the roof! If you want to pass your test with confidence, come on down and take our manual driving lesson in Dandenong. Our driving lessons in Dandenong stems from our belief that an individual should understand the nuances of driving and have a calm and patient instructor who provides them with a subtle approach.

Find a package with us that suits you the best. For this, you have to ask yourself ; what kind of license do you require?

  • Learner license
  • P’s
  • Caravan and trailer driving
  • Medical Retests
  • Alcohol Interlock Program

Whatever kind of driving experience you are looking for, we are here to help. At Freedom Drive, we follow the philosophy that everyone should be at ease with whosoever is teaching so that they feel comfortable learning with them. After a few sessions, we ensure that we can track your progress.

Driving can be a particularly stressful experience for the learner which can often lead to them making mistakes. These mistakes can end up costing them heavily under stressful circumstances, like driving in traffic. As such our driving lessons in Dandenong focus on making the driver extremely comfortable with their vehicle and giving them the confidence needed to be able to drive competently.

Our instructor Denis works hard towards making you understand all the necessary details you need to remember when you have to do your test. The practice is all about making sure you aren’t nervous when you are driving and you are completely at ease when taking the test. You can be assured that our driving school in Dandenong will be able to give you a level of comfort and confidence, that is unmatched.

Denis, our head instructor, ensures that you are comfortable in your surroundings and fully understand how to make the most out of your class.

Freedom Drive hopes to ensure that all their customers benefit from the experience of learning with us.

Our classes involve a lot of information, patience and repeated explanations if required. No driving query is too big or small for us! We look forward to hearing from you and teaching you as much as we can about driving and the rules that come with it in Victoria.

Learn the fine details of driving with fun! Enjoy and make the most of your lessons with Freedom Drive.

To find out more about how we operate you can come in to check on what kind of package you can start with, or you can reach via email at denis.vandamme@hotmail.com or give us a call at 0425721248.