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Alcohol Interlock Program

Our alcohol interlock program services help ensure that you can get back to securing your license as soon as possible. We install the alcohol interlock facilities for your vehicle and have vehicles readily available with them as well.

The alcohol interlock program is critical to ensuring that a drunk driver does not get behind the wheel and cause a severe accident on the road. With a system for alcohol interlock in Victoria, the possibilities of a grave accident occurring due to drink driving are significantly reduced.

The safety of our customers is of utmost importance. We go to no ends to make sure that everything is installed according to standard procedure.

The alcohol interlock program ensures that your machines are installed comprehensively without any room for error. This not only helps the driver exercise a level of caution that is generally ignored but also enables them to be fully compliant with the laws regarding alcohol interlock in Victoria.

With the help of the alcohol interlock system, essentially the driver will have to do a blow test to start the ignition. If the alcohol limit is over a certain point, the car does not start.

Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program

What is the alcohol interlock program?

It is essentially a scheme put in place by governments all around Australia to impose safety against drunk driving. These devices are installed in the vehicles to ensure that the driver is sober and can practice safe driving. This generally happens in the case of someone getting repeated misdemeanors related to drinking and driving. In addition to requiring a breath test at the beginning of the test, it requires breath tests between driving as well. This is all standard procedure with regards to driving safety and regulations.

When you get these devices installed by unlicensed and inexperienced mechanics then you would have several issues with your compliance to the alcohol interlock program. In order to avoid any penalties regarding alcohol interlock in Victoria, it would be ideal to go with experienced professionals who have the required expertise to install such devices.

These machines need to be installed with a sense of expertise and knowledge to ensure they don’t mess with the mechanics of your car. We are licensed experts that have the required knowledge that helps you understand how you can have it installed and placed in your car while complying with all the regulations.

Alcohol Interlock Victoria

Obtaining Your License with an Interlock

a. If never have held a Learner Permit or a License

  • Sit and pass the Learner Permit Test
  • Wait for qualifying period, depending on your age this might be from 3 months to 12 months.
  • Sit and pass the Hazard Perception Test
  • Sit and pass the Victorian Drivers License Test

b. If were on a P1 or P2 license (red or green P’s)

  • Sit and pass the Learner Permit Test
  • Do not have to sit the Hazard Perception Test, as previously held a license
  • Sit and pass the Drive Test
  • If on Red P’s when lost license, will be on Red P’s for 12 months, before graduating to Green P’s for 3 years. If on Green P’s, will be on Green P’s for 3 years.

c. If previously held a full license

  • Sit and pass the Learner Permit Test
  • Do not have to sit the Hazard Perception Test, as previously held a license
  • Sit and Pass the drivers license test

To find out more about the alcohol interlock program and how to get started on the procedure, feel free to get in touch with us at any time to set up an appointment.

Or if you’d rather email us or give us a call, you can reach us on or 0425721248.

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