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Alcohol Interlock Program

Freedom Driver has been using a Guardian alcohol interlock for over 5 years. We offer an efficient & helpful service to our clients. We have both manual and automatic cars set up to take the interlock. We find the Guardian interlocks to be an effective system and their technicians to be most helpful. We are happy to answer all inquiries by our clients.

To find out more on Changes to the Alcohol Interlock Program, please click here.

We have a medical program where we provide alcohol interlock for people with special medical conditions. It makes easier for people to blow into the interlock and activate the system. This provides a different option for people who find it challenging to blow into the interlock.

Obtaining Your License

VicRoads has various criteria as to whether your license will be re-issued or you have to sit a Learner Permit test and a drive test. Contact VicRoads as to the conditions which apply to you.

If you have not held a license for more than 5 years you will have to obtain a Learner Permit and sit a drive test.

You have to sit and pass the Learner Permit test, but if you do not pay for a Learner Permit, you can sit a Drive test without an interlock. This means you cannot do any practice on the road and get yourself familiar with the car and on road conditions before the license test. If you obtain a Learner Permit you can only drive a car with an Alcohol Interlock fitted.

Obtaining Your License with an Interlock

a. If never have held a Learner Permit or a License

  • Sit and pass the Learner Permit Test
  • Wait for qualifying period, depending on your age this might be from 3 months to 12 months.
  • Sit and pass the Hazard Perception Test
  • Sit and pass the Victorian Drivers License Test

b. If were on a P1 or P2 license (red or green P’s)

  • Sit and pass the Learner Permit Test
  • Do not have to sit the Hazard Perception Test, as previously held a license
  • Sit and pass the Drive Test
  • If on Red P’s when lost license, will be on Red P’s for 12 months, before graduating to Green P’s for 3 years. If on Green P’s, will be on Green P’s for 3 years.

c. If previously held a full license

  • Sit and pass the Learner Permit Test
  • Do not have to sit the Hazard Perception Test, as previously held a license
  • Sit and Pass the drivers license test

As an experienced Driving Instructor, I would suggest having at least one driving lesson prior to your driving test. Road laws and test requirements have changed.