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Caravan Towing

Before you buy, do your homework.

Is your car powerful enough to pull the van that will meet all your dreams. The Police carry scales and you could find yourself having to leave your van on the side of the road while you are sourcing a larger tow vehicle. A larger than necessary tow vehicle does make towing less stressful, but is also more fuel efficient.

Most vans have electric brakes. You need an electric brake controller fitted to your car, has it been set up correctly to tow your van.

Is your van loaded correctly, heavy weights over the axles, but a 10% loading on the front tow ball. This helps reduce sway.

Mirrors. Do you need them. Looking from the rear of the van towards the front. If you cannot see your car mirror, you need extension mirrors. Look around and ask. Some mirrors are better than others, bigger picture, less vibration.

Weights. You need to know front and rear car weights, weight on axles and tow ball weight. Know the possible payload and total weight allowable. Get a Weigh Bridge Ticket.

Know your height and width, especially for narrow bridges. Be aware of cutting corners.

Have your own ’check list’ of what to do when setting up or packing down to leave a campsite.

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