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Driving School Berwick

If you’re looking for services related to improving your skills as a driver, whether it is polishing your skills as an experienced driver by taking a class on how to drive your caravans along or whether you’re a new driver and you’re looking to get some practice.

Freedom Drive takes pride in ensuring that you get the best out of your sessions with us.

One of the services we are known to provide in the Berwick area beside driving lessons is the alcohol interlock facilities. At Freedom Drive, we want each and every one of our customers to take the class and learn as much as they can. It’s good if you can make the best of our services. We are highly skilled professionals that can answer any driving related query you might have.

Our instructor, Denis, is highly qualified and comes strapped with many years of experience. A business run with his partner, Ann. Freedom Drive was meant to give people lessons and tips on how to become better drivers and secure their license.

We provide specific services like:

● Learners Instruction

Teaching new drivers how to get started in the world of driving and learn the right techniques from scratch

● Alcohol Interlock Facilities

Make the best of our alcohol interlock facilities

● Caravan Driving

Short but effective classes that will help you improve your long term driving skills and maneuver having a caravan attached to your car

Our instructional facilities are meant to improve driver confidence and enhance overall awareness of safety regulations and measures. You can never be too safe on the road, and it’s better to put those principles into practice every time you drive so as to not take any risks.

Improve your skills when it comes to things like caravan driving, a instructional service that teaches you how to overtake properly with heavy loads and to maintain control of your car. We are always open to customize a package for you. Just get in touch and book an appointment with us and we get started immediately!

Our driving practice is built on the philosophy that you have to put in the hours to improve your skills as a driver. Whether you know the basic concepts of operating a car doesn’t matter if you can’t apply that in a practical situation as best as you can. Being a good driver is one of the best skills you can be good at. It allows you to get jobs, doesn’t limit your travel options and allows you to be independent!

These driving lessons are done on a one on one basis with our main instructor. Denis. He administers his instructions with patience and ease and encourages students to ask more questions and clear as many doubts as they can before their exam. Find out more about the kind of services we offer by dropping us an email at Or set up an appointment with us by giving us a call at 0425721248


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