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Driving School Glen Waverley

Get started on finally learning how to drive with us at Freedom Drive! We are one of the premier driving instruction services in the Glen Waverely and Dandenong area. Our driving lessons in Glen Waverely speak for themselves! Our one-on-one practice based methodology has proved to be exceptionally positive for our learners. Our students have always had positive feedback regarding the method of teaching at Freedom Drive.

Denis, our main instructor, does his best to ensure that you get all the information you need to be on your way to being an excellent driver.

By imparting quality driving lessons in Glen Waverly, he can ensure that you have beyond the required skill of a beginner and can comfortably and competently drive in even the most challenging of traffic conditions. Once you have taken instruction from our driving school near Glen Waverly, you can be assured that you will have more than the requisite skill necessary to be able to competently drive in traffic and park in compact spaces.

With our high quality driving lessons, you’ll be able to pick up driving in no time. We put a lot of focus on getting our learners to practice as much as they can while they are learning with us. It’s best to take advantage of the access to a vehicle and put in as much time on the road as you can. By putting in the time, you gain a sense of confidence with your skills. Our driving lessons and instruct dive into all the parts of driving that will peak your interest and teach you exactly what you need to know about entering the road for the first time.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes with us. This is exactly what the learning experience is for! By making mistakes, we don’t mean driving the car into the first tree you see, but rather hashing out the different techniques you could use to improve your skills as a novice driver.

An inexperienced driver not only poses a risk to themselves, but also to other motorists on the road. As such, it is extremely important that you get driving lessons in Glen Waverly that comprehensively and patiently teach you how to not only be comfortable in your own vehicle, but to also exercise a high level of caution when driving in general.

Is there anything specific you’d like to work on? For example:

  • Over taking skills
  • Learning how to shift gears properly
  • Parallel Parking
  • Driving in traffic areas

We’re here to iron out the inconsistencies in your skill set as a driver. Not that we’re looking for problems in your driving, just nudging out the frowned upon habits you may have as a driver. Always better to be safe than sorry!

Other services we have are :

  • Alcohol Interlock Services
    Ensuring you can get your license back without a hitch after repeated offences can be hard, but we make it easier with our alcohol interlock services.
  • Medical Retests
    Redoing licenses for medical reasons is a common factor and we get it done as quickly as possible for you.
  • Hazard Perception Test
    Improving your conceptions and notions of what could be hazardous on the road.

While we are only giving you the basic tools to help sharpen your skills as a driver, we are open to feedback as to how we can improve and take our practice to the next level. Improvement is key for all skill sets , including ours as trainers.

If there is any part of the course you would like to address or ask questions about, we will have the answer ready for you in a jiffy. If you’d like to come in for an appointment, you can give us a call on 0425721248 or email us at

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