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Hand Controls

Hand Controls enable a person with physical needs to competently drive a car Spinner. Attaches to the steering wheel to enable a driver to steer one handed.

Left Indicator lever. Lets the driver use his left hand to operate the right indicator lever.

Left foot accelerator. The right accelerator pedal swings up, and a left accelerator pedal swings down. Enables the driver to use his left foot for accelerating and braking.

Hand controls. If the driver is unable to correctly and safely use the foot pedals, he/she can operate brake and accelerator pedals with his right hand, while steering with his left, using a Spinner Knob. This is a challenging skill to learn, steering with the Spinner Knob while putting the correct pressure on the handle to give smooth acceleration or braking.

As ’muscle memory’ is gained that necessary balance between accelerating and braking becomes a more natural movement.

Extension pedals. The driver should be sitting at least 25 cm from the steering wheel, in case the air bag activates. These pedals allow the driver to sit back from the steering wheel.

Cushions. The driver’s seat has a range of adjustment, but not enough for some drivers.
Cushions allow the driver to be raised in the seat, to be pushed forward in the seat, or raising the height of the floor well, allowing the driver to sit further back from the pedals.


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