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Hazard Perception Test

The Hazard Perception Test is designed to test your awareness of hazards. Due to poor graphics, this can be a frustrating test.

Typing into Google ‘Hazard Perception Test‘ can bring you to websites with similar questions to the VicRoads test.

The real test has 4 practice scenarios before you start the test, which indicates if a candidate has clicked too early, on time or too late. Be aware that there is a built-in reaction time so do not be in a hurry to react too quickly.

It is important to do these practice questions several times. Freedom Driver talks its clients through the test verbally which helps them to pass the test. Hazard Perception Test is often perceived to be a waste of time as a testing item. Some people believe that it does not yield intended result.  However, it is still a very useful tool to understanding how to drive safely on the roads.

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