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Hazard Perception Test

VicRoads has recently upgraded this test. With improved graphics it is easier to see the potential hazard and react accordingly.

When driving it often takes a driver 1 / seconds to see and to respond to a hazardous situation. This time has been included into the answer.

There 3 types of question Click the mouse to;

slow down, to accelerate,

to lane change.

Some scenes do not require you to click as it is not safe to do as requested.

Imagine you are in the drivers seat, driving a car. The mouse button represents your accelerator or brake pedal. Not seeing a speed zone sign does not indicate you are in a 50 k zone, believe the speedo on the dashboard.

This test has to be passed before sitting the Drive Test

Many hazardous situations can easily be avoided by slowing or going a bit wide.

Your horn is a very good warning device.

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