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Freedom Driver education was registered as a Business Name in the early 1990’s

Denis and Ann Van Damme had been happily working for another large Melbourne Driving School. A change of management encouraged them to head in a different direction, to a far more customer focused approach.

We see each client as an individual, who has individual needs, individual strengths and weaknesses. These needs should be understood by the instructor and the lesson tailored to meet those critical needs.

The Drivers Licence is the final goal but in the process the learner learns skills which will help them in later life, Observation skills and Decision making, planning and patience are all vital skills.

Denis continues to teach, Ann has moved across into Disability Care

The Drivers Test has changed, from a test where a very experienced tester took the applicant on ’their route’. Often the instructor and learner felt it was the ‘luck of the draw, as to a learner passing or failing, some testers majored on one skill, paying little attention to another, while another tester had other requirements.

The POLA test, was a simpler but more consistent test over a set Test Route with set Assessing criteria and situations.
The GLS (Graduated Licencing System) was introduced 1 ° July 2007.

The GLS involves a bigger, whole of life picture. At Primary and Secondary school the student was introduced to the road network, as a pedestrian, as a cyclist, as a passenger, then as a driver.

Learning RoadLaw, the Learner Permit, 120 hours practice, then a Drivers licence were all part of the graduation picture.

This required the learner to have a Log Book, now a phone app, recording 120 hours of practice, including 20 hours in the dark.

The GLS Test has two components. Ten minutes driving in simple traffic situations, then a twenty minute drive in more challenging traffic, including lane changing, entering and crossing and leaving major roads.

Driving conditions on our roads have become more challenging, and this test is designed to face those more challenging situations.

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