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img0013Denis Van Damme DIA 0059

Still job satisfaction (Still enjoying working with young, intelligent adults)

After working in horticulture and then as a handy man gardener, Denis was dehydrating in the hot summers, so started to look around for an alternative occupation. My wife asked me to teach a friend to drive. That person had twice failed with another instructor. The enjoyment of this experience challenged me to become a Driving Instructor.

After 6 months of hard work learning Roadlaw and how to ’talk a learner through’ any given situation according to VicRoads, I became Driving Instructor, no 4523.
Some years later Driving Instructor Licences were re-issued. I am now DIA 0059.


Skills I learnt as a handyman were honed as an Instructor. What was your particular need or disability, what did I need to do to adapt the car to meet your needs or how did I need to change my teaching to meet your needs. Sometimes it is only practice, practice, practice, other times it is Divine Inspiration on my part, and the learner leaps ahead. I have seen many who thought that they would never achieve a Drivers Licence achieve their goal.

To achieve my first Driving Instructors Licence I had to learn verbal skills which were completely foreign to me. While I no longer verbally give that level of information, I am always ready to give the necessary instruction.

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