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Keys2Drive Program

The Keys2Drive Program Programme Starts With 1 Free Lesson

  • An innovative program developed by the Australian Automobile Association (AAA), funded by the Federal Government.
  • The program seeks to develop a partnership between the learner, their supervising driver and a driving instructor.
  • This allows the learner becomes a more skilled and competent driver before obtaining their license and thus reduce their crash risk after obtaining their license. The goal of KEYS2DRIVE is to be 6 months crash free after obtaining your license.
  • The Keys2Drive instructor spends 10-15 minutes working through a program called the ‘Road Map’ and then gives the driving lesson relevant to the learner’s needs.  Sometimes basic skills, sometimes advanced skills.
  • Having a parent / supervisor in the back seat is very useful as the parent / supervisor can observe how the instructor teaches and what terminology they use.
  • Many times the instructor is prepared to put the learner in more challenging driving situations than what the parent feels safe with.
  • The Keys2Drive program encourages:
    • Long – Getting as many hours practice as possible
    • Wide – Driving in as many different road traffic conditions as possible
    • Deep – Thinking about what you might experience as you drive and how you will handle those situations.
      • Thinking & debriefing about how you handled those specific situations.


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