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Learner Permit

If you are looking for help and advise regarding preparing for your learner permit test, contact Denis at Freedom Driver Education and he will assist you with all your questions.

For those who do not have learner permit or are scared to drive on the road, we have access to off road driving center at Kilsyth where we regularly take clients. In a safe non-threatening environment, the new learner is free to develop his / her car control skills.

The Learner Permit Test

VicRoads website provides a learner permit test. Practice this test several times but be aware that these questions come from a pool of 100 questions where the actual test questions come from a pool of over 300 questions. You need to read the ‘VicRoads Road to Solo’ handbook.

If you have a question you are not sure about, come back to it later as often a later question could jog your memory.

Most questions come from Part 4, Rules & Responsibilities, but questions also come from:

  • Part 3 – Managing Risks
  • Part 2 – Learning to Drive
  • Part 1 – The Challenges of Driving

When sitting the test, it is advisable to use the headphones if nothing more than to help reduce distractions from the room.  Clicking the mouse button to ‘Next’ will let you continue rather than listening to the whole dialogue.

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