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Learning to Drive


Care must be taken to ensure the right foot is pressing on the brake pedal before going into gear, otherwise the car could jump forward or backwards.

The new learner learns to start and stop the car, getting a feel of using the brake pedal and then accelerating & braking, to come smoothly to a stop.

Hand over Hand and Push-Pull steering methods are both taught. The Push-Pull method offers more control, especially coming out of a corner.  Hand over Hand is better for tight corners and shopping centres. We want you to understand and be proficient at both methods, but it is your choice what method you use.


Understanding the functioning of a clutch is vital to driving a manual car. Denis teaches the technique of heel on the floor and bending your ankle to bring the clutch to friction. This gives far higher clutch control than using major thigh muscles and lifting your leg off the floor.

Learning to Drive

Learning to drive is very much experience based learning. So while Denis & Ann are very good teachers and will talk you through in any given situation, it is as you experience different situations that you really learn.

A comment often made by Denis:

I am pleased when things go wrong because your learn from it“.

If you are an experienced learner, we give you the opportunity to show us your skill. It also gives you the chance to get a ‘feel’ for our car. If you are used to a car with the indicator on the left, having on the right can be a challenge.

With a brand new learner, we start driving the backstreets of your local area. As your skill picks up, we introduce you to traffic lights and roundabouts, continually raising the skill level required.

After many years of experience, we have numerous places to take you to teach you the skills we require you to learn. Lane changing is probably the hardest skill to learn as most cars have major blind spots.  Initially, we draw diagrams showing blind spots and how to change the lane. Then you get to practice the motions of land changing before introducing you to minor traffic lane. Lane changing in heavy traffic is a challenge.  The first step is to check your centre mirror and signal. This signal advises other drivers of your desire and many times they will either slow down, speed up or lane change to provide a gap to allow you to change the lane.

For those who do not have learner permit or are scared to drive on the road, we have access to off road driving center at at Kilsyth where we regularly take clients out of the stress of traffic so that they can harness their driving skills.

Note:  At all times, we are watching what you are doing and will take control of the vehicle if you attempt an unsafe action. You are safe to make mistakes because we will not let you have a crash.


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