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The Victorian Log Book has now been upgraded to a Mobile phone App. The majority of teens are computer and mobile phone literate and find the App easy.

VicRoads phone no 1300 650 266 for those having difficulties.

Instructors are allowed to manually enter a lesson if the App is not working.

This App allows VicRoads to monitor your progress. The App will not allow one to enter more than 2 hours driving in each session.

It is not a Log Book requirement to have a wide variety of driving skills and experience, but the more driving you have done and the greater variety of driving conditions does greatly improve your skills. Go driving in the city and inner city, go up through the hills, go down the freeway, go and find some windy, gravel roads.

It is possible to have your Log Book/Phone App Ok’ed before test day. If in doubt about any entries, it is useful to have it checked out. In the winter it can be dark by 4.30, but in the summer it is not dark until after 9 pm. Be aware!

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