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Log Book

  • After some years of encouraging Leaners to gain 120 hours practice, a Log Book and 120 hours became compulsory in July 2008.
  • 10 hours of night driving must be included in the 120 hours
  • 120 hours = 1 1/4 hours practice/week for 2 years
  • 120 hours = 2 12 hours practice/ week for 12 months
  • It is advisable to get your Learner Permit ASAP after turning 16.
  • As an instructor, I advise having several driving lessons with an experienced instructor when you first start to learn and ‘learn to do it properly’ rather than coming to the instructor just before the test with all your bad habits which can go against you on test day.
  • Many parents enjoy the challenge of being your supervising driver while for others it can be a major stress point.  As the learner, you need to listen to your parent and work with them rather than pull in opposite directions.
  • As an instructor with dual controls in his vehicle, I admire parents who take their learner drivers out practicing without dual controls and mirrors.

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