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Medical Re-assessment

Medical staff and other relevant authority figures are required by law to submit to VicRoads the names of anyone who has presented to hospital or other relevant medical clinics. VicRoads then makes the decision as to whether that person needs to have their driving skills re-assessed.

While this mostly affects the older generation, many younger people are also needing their driving to be re-assessed.

It is advisable to purchase a ’Road to Solo’ handbook, to refresh roadlaw knowledge, and also have a driving lesson.

Because of careful driving over many years you may be crash free, but the tension of having your driving re-assessed by an unknown person can be an unpleasant experience.

Normally this re-assessment is conducted by an Occupational Therapist (OT), on a set test route. The OT is looking at your observation and interaction with other road users, your speed and speed control, and your lane changing.

You have the option of a ’full’ licence, or taking a ‘restricted’ licence, only driving in your local area.

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