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Skills Taught

img0006Skills Taught – Driving School  Dandenong

  • Helping people learn and understand road law, and gain a Learner Permit.
  • Helping learners understand the purpose of the Hazard Perception Test. The HPT is an observation and reaction test, and you click on the mouse button to give your reaction.
  • To give the new learner the skills and confidence to brake, accelerate and steer without having a crash. This enables the learner driver to safely operate a vehicle when practicing under supervision.
  • To further develop the skills of the learner driver, such as
    • Lane changing
    • Intersection approach
    • Anticipation of hazards
    • Freeway entry
    • Night driving
    • Shopping centre parking
    • Defensive skills
  • Preparation for drive test, understanding and driving to test criteria. Mirror checking and observation skills are a major test issue.
  • Auto to manual. The following skills are vital when learning how to drive a manual car.
    • Selecting the correct gear
    • Getting and keeping the correct ‘revs’
    • Holding the clutch at ‘friction’
  • Driving Skills taughtSlow learners and those with learning difficulties have special challenges. Freedom Driver instructors are patient and skilled at understanding and meeting their learning needs.