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Caravan and Trailer Driving Lessons

Denis has been training drivers to drive cars and reversing trailers for many years. He is a son of market gardener where driving a tractor and towing & reversing a trailer was an everyday practice.

Reversing a Trailer

The secret to reversing a trailer is 3 fold

a.  Reverse slowly

b.  Only turn the steering wheel slightly

c.  Turn in the direction the trailer is drifting

Reversing a tandem axle caravan is far easier than reversing a common box trailer.

It is better to learn the skill of reversing a van in a private place than to provide entertainment to others as you attempt to reverse your van in the van site at your holiday destination.

Level Rides or Weight Distribution Devices need to be correctly fitted and adjusted. These make towing a van far safer giving you more steering and braking.

All modern vans have electric brakes which need to be correctly adjusted, but they have made towing a van a far safer experience, then when override brakes were the only sort available.

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