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Trailer/Caravan Towing

Freedom Drive, in addition to instructing novice drivers, also has trailer driving school facilities!

We teach experienced drivers how to travel with their caravans and trailers. With our trailer reversing lessons, you can understand exactly how to get on with driving a 3000 kilo addition to your car. While it can be something you learn on the fly, your limited experience will come at the cost of high probability of mishaps.

It’s always best to make the most of our trailer reversing lessons, as it teaches much more than merely backing up your caravan.
It teaches:

●How to properly attach your addition to your car
●How to appropriately fasten it
●How to maneuver turns with your trailer
●What speeds to maintain
●What technique to employ while you drive around in the city with the caravan

Understanding how to safely overtake vehicles

These lessons come with the practice that you take when you take these trailer reversing lessons. At Freedom Drive, we encourage a practice based methodology so that the learner can get a real feel of the experience. This doesn’t mean we throw you to the deep end on your first day, but rather we ease you through to the experience of dealing with the situation on your own. Our instructor Denis employs instruction methods that are delivered with patience and the philosophy that comes with taking your time to get comfortable with the driving situation you are in.

Reversing a Trailer

Caravan driving lessons

Our caravan driving lessons can be taken individually or you can have you partner join the class as well so they can understand the nuances of driving with a caravan as well.

We generally encourage both you and your partner to take part in the class so that you have better understanding and more hands on deck in case of any situation.

We have tailor made classes that will help you understand exactly what you need to do to be safe while driving a vehicle with a caravan/trailer in tow.

With our caravan driving lessons, you will be able to have quality information on how to drive your vehicle with the caravan.

With our towing driving lessons, you will be a master of the skill in no time. We help you put in dedicated hours to driving around with a caravan in tow to get the exact practice you need.

If you have any queries as to how this class will take place and what it covers, please feel free to get in touch with us. If there is anything specific you’d like to cover in your time with us, you can discuss it with us to find out if it is feasible. We make custom packages to suit you requirements incase there are certain parts of the course you’d like to focus on or get better at.

You can email us at or give us a call at 0425721248 to find out more.

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