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VicRoads Licence Test

Test Booking fee $64.60 3 year licence 82.80 4 year licence $110.30

It is advisable to check with VicRoads, do you need a Medical Certificate signed by your Doctor. Anti-anxiety pills could require a Medical. It is better to get these issues sorted before Test Day.

An eye sight test is taken before the drive test. If your sight is questionable, it is advisable to check with an Eye Testing Practitioner.

VicRoads provides a booklet giving valuable information about the Drive Test, but it is also advisable to have a few driving lessons with an instructor prior to the test. These lessons enable you to re-assess your driving skills and confidence levels and be aware of what the Tester is looking for.

The Test is divided into 2 parts.

10 minutes driving on local roads, Tester is observing your car control, your speed, your turns and reaction to other traffic, and mirror checking. The LSM (Low speed manoeuver) is conducted in the first part.

The second 20 minutes is conducted in busier traffic at higher speeds. Lane changing and reacting with other traffic is its goal.

Your Instructor will take you through the general test area, especially the challenging situations. Each Test Office has a pool of many test routes, routes are regularly changing.

Knowing Test Routes is not a necessity, having some local knowledge of potential challenges is useful. Being observant and having the skills to drive a car in any situation is requiredFailing the test due to loss of points is unusual.

Very few learners fail their drive test because of loosing too many points.

Failing because of IT (Instant Termination) or CE (critical Error) is more common. Instant fails include;

Not stopping at a stop sign
Not Giving Way to a pedestrian
Over the speed limit in a School Zone

Over the speed limit by more than 5 k or 5 seconds. As a learner practice driving under the speed limit, it is too easy to drift over.

Cutting the corner and mounting the kerb.

Critical Errors include;

Not signalling when required

Stalling a manual car

Cutting across a solid white line

Caution/orange light. When approaching a Green light, be ready for it to change to Orange. A Caution light means ‘STOP, unless it is not safe to stop’. If prepared, it is easy to react correctly.

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