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Learner Permit Test

Learner Permit booking fee $43.60 Learner Permit $25.20

The Learner Permit test has 32 questions, with a 78% pass mark.

If you have a question you are not sure about, skip it and continue on. Often a later question can ‘jog’ your memory
The test covers a broad range of topics

*Learning to drive; Practice, Hazard Perception, gaining confidence
*Managing risk; Alcohol and drugs, seatbelts, Mobile phones, passengers
*Rules and Responsibilities; Give way rules, Crash responsibilities, Traffic controls.

VicRoads Web site provides useful practice questions for the L test, but the actual Learner Permit test comes from a pool of 300 questions. You need to purchase and read the Road to Solo handbook.

Some will claim that they have passed the test with little or no study. It is possible, but there are too many questions you need to know the answer, not just guessing.

If unsure about a question, leave it and come back to it later, another question may jog your memory.

Medicals. VicRoads often requires a Medical Certificate from your Doctor before issuing a Learner Permit. Medicals are required for both physical and health issues. If in doubt ring Vic Roads 13 11 71 and check before Test day.

Sometimes VicRoads will require an OT assessment before issuing a Learner Permit to determine your ability to safely drive a car.

VicRoads offers assistance to those with reading challenges. This Assisted Test must be booked over the counter at that particular VicRoads office.

Freedom Driver Education offers assistance with learning Roadlaw.

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